Digitalisation of museums and evolution of cities as cultural tourist destinations on the center of the program of CM Málaga

The forum will take place on the 21st & 22nd of June at FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congresses Centre of Málaga), that organises the event with the support of Diario Sur

This first edition delves into the impact of digitalisation upon the culture industry and the relationship between museums and art centres with the boosting of tourism and the development of cities

Those responsible for cultural centres such as Pompidou in Paris, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Tate Modern in London will participate in the meeting, along with mayors from different cities who will analyse the tourist-cultural dimension of new towns

The event will include presentations covering topics such as the digital transformation of Prado Museum in Madrid by Gnoss and the first visiting assistant using big data as an alternative to traditional audio guides. The forum will also present relevant projects in specific areas such as the Soho Caixabank Theatre in Málaga, the Munch Museum in Oslo or the ZKM in Karlsruhe

The first edition of CM Málaga, Cities & Museums International Trade Fair, is designing a content program that will focus on new models of cultural management based on technological innovation and sustainability. Thus, the meeting, which will take place over June 21st and 22nd at FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congresses Centre of Málaga), will have a professional forum called # CITIES&MUSEUMSFORUM that will meet over two days. This forum will delve into topics such as the impact of digitisation on the cultural industry and the relationship between culture and the city as a tourist destination. The forum program has been conceived and directed by YGBART Advising and Management, with Lucía Ybarra and Rosina Gómez-Baeza, and the audience development designed by Montserrat de los Reyes.

On June 21st the ‘First International Forum on Digital Transformation in Museums and Cultural Institutions’ will take place, with the participation of professionals and managers of leading international cultural entities, including Dean Phelus, Senior Director Leadership Program of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM); Marijke Smallegance, Head of Digital Marketing at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Serge Lasvignes, President of the Center Pompidou in Paris or Hilary Knight, Director of Digital at the Tate Modern in London. This First Forum will explore how technology can assist museums and cultural organisations in addressing sustainability, resource management, new museum functions and services, encourage public engagement and a fruitful dialogue with the city. The conference will promote a round table on best practices and strategies in the digital transformation of museums and art centres, sponsored by Museummate. Presentations on new technical means available to museum centres or the interaction between the museum’s audience and society in the digital era will also take place.

The first day also includes the presentation of initiatives by entities that have put into practice technological and innovative applications in the sector, as is the case of the digital transformation of the Prado Museum by Gnoss or the first visitor assistant using big data as an alternative to traditional audio guides. In addition, the meeting will present the audio-visual project of the Soho Caixabank Theater in Málaga, as well as success stories regarding the work on sustainability and efficiency of the Munch Museum in Oslo and the cooperation between industry, academic world and audience, through the experience applied in the ZKM of Karlsruhe.

Culture as a tourist impulse

CM Málaga program will continue the 22nd of June under the title ‘Joining forces in cultural destinations’ and will feature the inaugural conference ‘Interactions between the city and the museum. New Ways to Build Reputation in Cities Through Exceptional Heritage’ by Anna Tsvetkova, Deputy Director-General for Development and Education, State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg.

In addition, the mayors of Málaga, Logroño, A Coruña and Teruel, Francisco de la Torre, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Inés Rey and Emma Boj respectively, will analyse the cultural tourism dimension in the new cities at a round table sponsored by the Provincial Council of Coruña.

On this second day, the program will also have content focused on cities as cultural tourist destinations, addressing issues linked with heritage, reputation, and brand, at a round table promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Likewise, a presentation regarding digital culture will be sponsored by Acción Cultural Española and will count with Isabel Izquierdo and Raquel Mesa, director of Programming and responsible for content respectively. The forum will also address Andalusian heritage’s management and digital transformation in a meeting supported by Junta de Andalucía.

Moreover, the contents of CM Málaga include a series of practical workshops with topics related to new management models and digital transformation, applied marketing and communication, internationalisation and access to the Next Generation EU program.

‘Expone’ Awards

Also, within the CM Málaga program and organised by the Andalusian Association of Museologists and Museumgraphers (AMMA), this year will take place the first edition of ‘Expone’ Awards, a contest that will recognise good practices and innovation in Andalusian exhibitions. The ceremony will take place on June 21st to reward the value, effort, and excellence in the professional practice of museology and museography in the activities, projects, or strategies developed by museums and exhibition centres in Andalusia.

In parallel to this content program, CM Málaga will deploy an exhibition area with institutions, companies, entities, and start-ups that provide tools and technological services for cultural and creative industries and innovations for more intelligent and sustainable management of museums and cities. In addition to accessing commercial presentations, these services aimed at exhibition, heritage and museum intervention can be tested.

The event will also be a space for meeting and generating business. Professionals will be able to make appointments through a tool to network and develop contacts with potential collaborators. CM Málaga is aimed at directors and technical personnel of museums and cultural spaces; commissioners, agents and mediators; cultural consultants and managers; professionals linked to foundations and sector organisations; digital humanities; entrepreneurs and start-ups; teaching staff, researchers and students; designers and architects; managers and technicians of public administrations; bloggers and specialised media; cultural tourist destinations; directors, product managers, tour operators or leisure platforms, and other experts from the cultural, museum, technology and tourism fields.

CM Málaga is organised by FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congresses Centre of Málaga), the Malaga City Council through the delegations of Culture and Tourism and Promotion of the City, and the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage of Junta de Andalucía, with the support from Diario Sur. The Ministry of Culture and Sports, the County Council of Málaga and Acción Cultural Española participate as institutional partners. Gnoss, is a technological partner. Eulen Art and La Caixa Foundation act as partners. Collaborators are the Andalusian Association of Museologists and Museumgraphers (AMMA), Elektrart, Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, the Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums, Futura Vive, Ambassade de France en Espagne, Jing Culture & Commerce, Málaga TechPark, Tourism Data Driven Solutions (TDDS), the University of Málaga and YGBART Advising and Management.

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